Holy Moley! Part 9 Anthony Zinonos


Who are you and what do you do? My name is Anthony Zinonos and Im an freelance artist/illustartor living in norwich, U.K as well as the co founder of the clothing label ‘dirt box’

What are you currently working on? A couple of illustrations for magazines, an installation/shop display for a clothing boutique and a new zine.

What inspires you? Carboot sales, old magazines, traveling, good coffee and dogs.

What’s currently keeping you awake at night? I keep having these really intense dreams of just images, like a super fast slide show of amazing colourful images. i wake up at around 4 or 5 and cant get back to sleep cause my heart is beating like a drum and i’m trying to remember what the images looked like so i can create them, its pretty crazy but i kind of like it.

What theme did you receive and how was it responding to it? ‘Things that look like other things’, at first i over thought about the theme which wasn’t really working, so i had to leave it for a day then just did whatever came into my mind first.

If you were choosing a theme what would it have been? Probably just something simple like ‘blue’.

Who would you like to see get their hands on a travelling moleskine? Sergei Sviatchenko, i think he is the master!

Who would be dream moleskine contributors? Jean Michel Basquiat, his would be amazing!

If you had five more hours a day, what would you do? 5 extra hours would be great, i’d go for a skate or even a swim then get another coffee and do more work.

What’s your favourite website? There are so many good ones out there, would have to be a toss up between flickr and ffffound, so many images to look at (i guess thats why i have those dreams).

If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing? I’ve always liked the idea of being a dog walker, but it would have to be somewhere dry cause in england you’d just stink like wet dog all the time.