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Selected example posts from the site

Why I Blog… KATIE BESWICK on why she can’t stop blogging, and also, if you read to the end, she is going to ask you to nominate her for the Cosmo Blog Awards. She is totally shameless like that…

Wonderful, chatty piece with a strong sense of audience engagement, and yes, she did win in case you’re wondering.

Vintage Style… It’s January. Christmas is over and everyone is back to work. It feels as though winter is here to stay forever. What better time for a spot of vintage retail therapy to brighten our spirits, asks JESS OWEN

Original, totally appropriate concept piece with a no-nonsense tone of voice, plenty of information and clear visuals.

New Light Art Exhibition… Over four rooms at Huddersfield Art Gallery, the New Light Prize biennial art exhibition celebrates Northern art and artists. NEIL MUDD ponders what this actually means…

One of our most popular and highest shared posts, strong on individual artists and artworks, and creating a general sense of the exhibition as a whole.

Theatre Review… RADICAL ACTS from COMMON WEALTH THEATRE is a celebration of convention-shattering actions that women and girls have taken to change their lives over the years. RICHARD HORSMAN wasn’t allowed to be a passive observer…

Intelligently crafted response without being overly obtuse or simplistic. Richard knows his audience, and writes for them. Being a broadcast journalist he includes a podcast interview in his post. We are always open to audio interviews, though Richard’s piece should be taken as a model. 

Musical Theatre Review

Is it a theatre review or a music review? Well, this being Phil, it’s a bit of both, though a textbook example of how to review either one. Knowledgeable and engaged, the style is friendly and also very funny (all those songs hidden away in plain sight within the text).  Populist without courting popularity, Phil can write about anything and adapts his style accordingly.