Urban Summer Fete at the Round Foundry


A super cool summer party, with the promise of food, drink, fairground rides,  boules (we believe teams are being put together as we speak, contact the hosts if you want to enter!) and prizes. Surely with such an array of entertainment, it can’t fail to be a chilled out affair especially if the sun continues to  shine as it has been. We have had reason (more to be revealed shortly) to be passing Round Foundry a fair bit recently during the balmy days, and witnessed the Wonderwood pocket park packed with deck chair lolling lazy good for nothing work shy types! Admittedly it was lunch time so they can be forgiven! We were just envious the chairs were all occupied.  Get down there early with your towell is what we recommend!

So read the bumpf and rsvp on facebook etc so that the refreshments flow throughout the evening! A little birdie tells us a ‘tweetup’ will be held there so if you have any questions about that then ask @monicatailor on www.twitter.com/monicatailor