Who would work in an office like this?


The inhabitants of this office surely know a thing or two about creating an ambient space to help the creative juices flow…shame there’s no gold blend on offer for visitors

We asked Francis Carolan a few cheeky questions

So what’s with the gold gentleman?
Gold, always believe in your soul, you’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible, always believe in, ‘cos you’re gold. A wiser man than me wrote that, but he’s pretty much answered your question.

It must be hard to deliver mediocre work with a name like ‘Golden’ do you wish that you had not set your stool quite so high?
Golden is not really a statement about the quality of our work, because we simply wouldn’t have set this place up if we thought we’d only ever produce mediocre creative, but more a comment on how we want the experience of working with us to feel (for us, clients, suppliers). I don’t think everybody will get it, but then we don’t want to work for everybody. We prefer to keep things small, interesting and golden. As for setting the stool height, both Rob and I are over 6’3″ tall, so we have no other option.

We notice from your address that you occupy a penthouse…do you live the lifestyle we would expect from such an address?
Indeed we do, although we can’t really divulge what goes on up here. The landlord might be reading this…

What do you think your office says about you?

That we’re fairly good at painting walls, pretty good at wallpapering, not so good when it comes to varnishing floors, have a very eclectic taste in (golden) bric-a-brac and really must install a kitchen so that we can make people a cup of tea when they pay a visit.

You were previously based in Sheffield, what brought you to the home of the golden owls?
It was serendipity. Rob, Steve and I were roaming the Yorkshire region (much like the opening credits of Last of the Summer Wine) when we happened upon a place called Leeds, the home of the…erm…golden owls.

Do you think you will ever get back to the garden?
Not a chance, although we do have a small collection of shrubbery out on the fire escape; Rob has hayfever, anyway, so he wouldn’t enjoy it even if we did.

Who do you think is worth their weight in gold?
We took a vote on this and Dire Straits just edged it (thanks mainly to ‘Private Investigations’)

We might like to add our own little caveat having just worked with Golden on the ‘Art in Unusual Spaces’ project and hope you agree that they deserve a big shiny gold star for their work!

Image credit:  Mark Howe Creative. Click the links to find out more about this superb illustrator & photographer

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