Who would work in an office like this?

Photo by Anthony Farrimond
Photo by Anthony Farrimond

We had heard rumours that this office was a sixties stunner, and were not disappointed when we got to see it for ourselves. Rather than warble on we sent photographer Anthony Farrimond along to capture the essence of this corner office with an amazing history, and rather covetous original furniture. So where is it and who occupies it?

The interior design and furniture was designed by Laszlo Hoenig in 1964 to the princely sum of £25,000 (£384, 434). This was considered a fair deal by the building’s owner at the time, and given that the cherry wood wall panels, desks, chairs, artwork & furniture still look timeless, especially after a recent refurbishment, I would concur that they got significant value.

Any guesses yet?

The company were considered pioneers of the ‘mixed use scheme‘ and the office is located within a ‘landmark’ 1960’s Leeds building

Here is another clue

Why not have a guess as to where this is and which family run company get to enjoy the luxury of working in timeless style we may reward one of you randomly…



  1. It’s definitely the Merrion Centre, no idea what the family company is but I like their style 🙂

  2. TCS is a Ziff family business – as well as their enviable style kudos the family are notable philanthropists, responsible for Tropical World and many other key contributions to Leeds education and arts. Respect!

  3. That’s got to be The Merrion Centre, at the Town Centre House end, rather than the Merrion House end. So, Town Centre Securities would be the company and the Ziffs are the family.

  4. See my article where the Merrion Centre is mentioned — Individualist in Mayfair – Laszlo Hoenig: Architect, Interior Designer, The Decorative Arts Society, Journal 32, Design and the Decorative Arts in Post-War Britain, pp.30-53, ISSN 02609568

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