Anna Peaker Leeds Inspired poster

Win a Leeds Inspired poster designed by Anna Peaker


Anna Peaker Leeds Inspired poster

Anna Peaker is a Leeds-based Graphic Artist, working on projects for independent/ DIY promoters, musicians and record labels, with exhibitions held in the UK and US. Wendy Denman plugged into her brain, so that you could win one of her Leeds Inspired posters, you lucky tykes.

Describe where you are right now.

I’m at home finishing up a couple of jobs; a record sleeve for a local band and a cover for Making Waves zine. I work as a full time designer in-house and work freelance from home too, so I’m usually stuck inside during the week. I collect a lot of stuff so there’s always something to look at and get inspired by. My friend got me the most beautiful old Federico Fellini poster for his film Juliet of the Spirits a while back – that’s probably one of my favourite pieces of design that I own.

What are some of the things that are currently inspiring you, in and outside Leeds?

The poster itself was inspired by the patterns and shapes of the city, there’s a great film by John Betjeman about Leeds that a friend directed me to recently, where he muses about the old architecture of Leeds. Culturally, I think Leeds and the surrounding areas are so unique, there’s always something to do or see whether it be music, film or art events. 

You do a lot of work in the music industry – would you say that the music you listen to influences your artwork style?

I usually work for DIY bands, promoters, labels – people that are doing it for a love of music rather than for fame or any monetary gain. I’ve been going to gigs for long time, I used to DJ and help organise gigs in Leeds, so that’s how designing for music came about. I can get obsessive about music and I love record sleeve design – at the moment I’m really into old Vertigo Records sleeves and the designs that Ronald Clyne did for Folkways. I guess it’s just one influence.

What song would you soundtrack your poster with? 

Whilst working on the poster for Leeds Inspired I was also working on the new album for The Wharves. It’s incredible, so I was listening to that on repeat. Gringo Records of Nottamun town are releasing it on November 3rd.

Tell us a secret

Oh, I’m not that exciting! Anyway it wouldn’t be a secret then, would it? 

If you had to choose another creative career other than design, what would it be?

I have a certificate in dressmaking that I’ve never really put to use, and I’m quite fussy about what I buy and whom from, so that could be something. I’ve also started doing ceramics classes – making stuff with your hands is much more therapeutic than being sat in front of the computer all day.

Record sleeves, Christmas Eve or fortune telling tea leaves?

Record sleeves – I’d really like some of those fortune telling cups though.


You can see more of Anna’s work on her website here and follow her on Twitter @badbirthday

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Q: What is your all time favourite record sleeve design and why?

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  1. Homogenic by Bjork – artwork, simple, bold, haunting, memories of poster on my student walls

  2. Nirvana – Nevermind

    Who doesn’t recognise a floating baby with a dollar bill? Iconic, clever and cute all at the same time.

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