Caroline Pratt - Leeds Inspired poster

Win a Leeds Inspired poster designed by Caroline Pratt

Caroline Pratt - Leeds Inspired poster

Caroline Pratt is a Printmaker and Surface Pattern Designer, producing designs and illustrations, limited edition screen-printed goods and a range of greeting cards under her own label. Wendy Denman threw a random pattern of questions her way, followed by your chance to win her Leeds Inspired poster!

You have an undeniably cheerful signature style. What makes you feel happy?

I’m generally a ‘cup half full’ kind of a girl so can usually be found with a smile on my face – but things that send me super smiley and leave me a little bit giddy are sitting somewhere beautiful with the sun on my face, spending an afternoon pottering in the garden or printing – generally getting a bit grubby I guess, dancing like a lunatic until the wee hours and fussing my fur ball ginger cat Ringo!

Didn’t Yorkshire look beautiful as Tour de France whizzed through the region? Which part of our countryside do you most connect with?

Yorkshire put on a great show for Le Tour and everyone should be really proud of the effort they put in – the TV was full of the most amazing Yorkshire vistas and I’m super lucky to live in a place where I have such fabulous countryside on my doorstep. Having grown up in the sticks I’m a true green-space junky but I probably most love a long walk through some woods – ending high up somewhere with a fabulous view – bliss. 

The lady on your poster looks like she’s make a good sleuth. What lies under the gaze of her torch?

A good sleuth indeed, she’s busy seeking out all the fabulous things that go on that you just have to look that little bit harder to discover – but you’re jolly glad you did! (there’s probably some moths there too – there always is!)

What greetings card message do you think we should be sending – that perhaps doesn’t exist yet?

A card to send to your chums to tell them how wonderful they are despite the fact you often forget to tell them and you’re too busy to hang out as often as you’d like.

What song would you soundtrack your poster with?

Oh this is such a hard question! Tempted as I am to say something like Kate Bush – quintessentially English and a fan of the countryside too – I think I’m gonna say Glory by Wye Oak. I listened to this a lot when I was making this poster – the video is amazing and has the really great styling/colour usage which is something that really interests me and the song is upbeat yet chilled out and I could imagine cycling along to this on a nice day exploring stuff – a bit like the people on my poster!


Tell us about something exciting you’re currently involved with?

I usually have my fingers in a few pies and right now is no exception. At the minute I’m working on a licensed collection of textile designs for a fabric manufacturer and collaborating with a group of illustrators and printmakers to create a limited edition book which should be released at the end of the year. Being busy is good, it keeps the creative juices flowing…

Paper cuts, Cashew nuts, Beach huts or Friendly mutts?

Friendly mutt – you can’t beat a good dog however good the other things are, dogs win!


You can view and buy Caroline’s work on her website here and follow her on Twitter @CaroPrints

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Q: What d’you think the title of Caroline’s illustration should be?

The first ten answers get a poster for your troubles. Boom!


  1. I think the title should be ‘the wonder around you’ because if you open your eyes there are lots of wonderful things going on everywhere, especially in Leeds 🙂

  2. I love this poster – picked up a postcard in Munro House last week! Maybe call it ‘A Summer of Colour’.

  3. ‘Unleash your Urban Explorer’,or ‘Uncover the “Hidden City’ or In’ t Leeds Brilliant!’ ‘Have you found “your Leeds” yet?’ . It’s a lovely poster!

  4. That’s a lovely little poster. I was thinking ‘Northern Wanderlust’ simply because I love that word and it works really well in this context.

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