Rachel Davey - See What's Out There

Win a Leeds Inspired poster designed by Rachel Davey

Rachel Davey - See What's Out There

Rachel Davey is an illustrator based in Yorkshire. Her work is hand drawn, before using photoshop to play around with layout and colour – plenty of colour! Wendy Denman stepped out of her monochrome day into a world of bright, beaming beings. Read on for a mini interview and your chance to win her Leeds Inspired poster!

The creatures in your poster look very happy to be here. If you had to live elsewhere, where in the world would you choose?

I don’t think I could just pick one place. I would like to live in a magic hovercraft in which I could travel to lots of different places, but I would always return back to Yorkshire.

I love the blue burger featured, pride of place on a plinth. What object or person in Leeds do you think deserves this treatment, and where would we put the monument?

That’s a tough one, maybe it would be a burger though. An Almost Famous one (there’s one opening in Leeds soon) I’d like it to be dropped onto the big spike of the Quarry House building, James and the Giant Peach style, but much more greasy and with cheese.

What song would you soundtrack your poster with? 

The colours I used have a big summer vibe to them, so I think this fits pretty nicely

Tell us something you’re looking forward to.

I’m going to Lublin in Poland in September, I’ve never been before so I’m looking forward to exploring and drinking lots of Polish beer.

Colourful scene, sweet sixteen, Halloween or Scott and Charlene?

Colourful scene, every time.


You can see more of Rachel’s work on her website here and follow her on Twitter @rachel_davey_

For your chance to win one of ten of these inspiring A3 posters, please answer the question in the comments box below.

Q: Which of Rachel’s creatures do you want to be best friends with and why?

The first ten people to respond shall have their walls adorned with dreamy inspirational posterage! You know it.


  1. I’d like to be best friends with the very cool bear in the top right.

    First off, he’s got some ace shades on and I’d like to know where he got them from. He also looks like he’s discovered some great secret about the world which enables him to sit calmly out of the way, existing solely on the positive cosmic energy of his surroundings. I’d like him to share this knowledge with me.

    Oh, and he’s purple.

  2. I want to be best friends with the lovely, smiling blue creature pulling the train full of cakes. Because he has all the cakes. Simple, really.

  3. Gotta be the blob on the left in the field.

    After finding himself a nice little spot surrounded by some interesting looking mushrooms he looks to be having the time of his/or her life reading the book. The cheeky little smile and whole demeanor is nothing short of grandiloquent, so I think we’d get on just fine!

    Maybe the blob also enjoys a beer which would be the icing on the cake of our friendship.

  4. I want to be friends with the singing blob. He’s got a bear for a minder and the after show party looks like it’s got cake!

  5. Definitely the purple fox like creatures. Movie buffs chilling with their bestie, pretty sure the cake is heading their direction as well!

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