Five Great Places to Eat for Under a Fiver in Bradford


Claire Kearns Chooses Five Great Places to Eat for Under a Fiver in Bradford…

There’s loads of places to eat cheap in Bradford, but sometimes so much choice makes it hard to know where to start – and, lets face it, if you’re chancing food under a fiver in a new area it can be a bit of a gamble. Mate, I live and work in Bradford – eating safe through trial and error, here are five of my favourite places for some cheap scran at the top of town

Falafel 2 Go

The stall that changed my world view on falafel – I used to think it tasted like deep fried dust until I tried one of their wraps. Its in the front of John St Market (if from Bradford) aka Oastler Market. It serves Middle Eastern food, I have so many favourite dishes here its hard to pick

My favourite for: Shawarma lamb in Arabic bread – with spicy potatoes, salad, pickle, pink turnip, bit of chilli (and feta cheese and mint if its offered) they used to have the BEST tzatziki. OR spinach fatir (not so spicy – depends if you say yes to the chilli sauce)

How much: about 3 quid

2 in 1 Takeaway

This place is on Westgate and was recommend for its samosa chaat – the ultimate comfort food. I’ve only tried the meat samosa chaat so can’t comment on the rest but at £2.50 you can’t go wrong

My favourite for: Samosa Chaat (mildly spicy)

How much: £2.50

Thai Noodle Bar

This is at the back of John St Market – a super-friendly place. The pad Thai and fried noodles are popular, but I love the coconut Thai curries with the lime leaf in that seems to tie the flavours together.

My favourite for: Penang Curry and Rice (quite spicy – like nose runny spicy)

How much: about 4 quid

Judi Bakery

Everyone used to go here for the falafel, but for me its always been about the Judi Naan. Its a tiny little market/food place tucked away on Lumb Lane. The keema naan is like a pizza shape with a bit of salad, you need to put a dollop of mayo and a dollop of chilli sauce on the side – I don’t know why this works but it works.

My favourite for: Keema Naan (not so spicy – again its the chilli sauce that makes it spicy)

How much: about 2 quid

Pizza Pieces

Ok, so this isn’t the top of town – its at the bottom, but its worth a mention cos this family run business has been providing the people of Bradford with authentic pizza slices made fresh each morning for over 20 years. Its tucked away behind the 645 bus stop on Market St underneath Waterstones.

My favourite for: Veggie ¼

How much: about 3 quid