PERFORMANCE | Meet you at the Mansion?

A performance walk exploring the history and memories in Roundhay park. By LUCY MEREDITH.

If you grew up in Leeds or frequent Roundhay park then ‘Meet you at the Mansion?’ might be a familiar phrase. For the many people who know and love Roundhay Park, arranging to meet friends at Barran’s Fountain, Hill 60, or Waterloo Lake might have been a regular event that holds great memories.

This September, A Quiet Word is inviting you to meet us at the mansion for a performance walk exploring the past, present and future of the park. 

Together you will wander through the woods, gather in green spaces and explore memories of the park. You join the tour guide who will lead you round the park…perhaps visiting places you have never been before.

Along the way you might spot ghostly figures who seem to come from times past and share a picnic with a musician. There’s a chance to view a specially designed 3D map of the park, and to meet the resident ‘archaeologist’ who will uncover some of the hidden history of Roundhay Park.

Meet you at the Mansion? is part of the celebrations of the 150 years the park has been open to the public. ‘A Quiet Word’ has been contemplating John Barran’s vision of the park as a place of rest and play. Over the summer, we have been collecting memories and current thoughts about the park from local people through writing, film, radio and memories. Including work with Chapel FM, Pyramid of Arts and two local schools.You can read more about this here

The performances will be taking place from 13th to 18th September, for specific times and to book your place please visit the Eventbrite page: