21st Century Human; Are You?

This weekend why not wander down to Leeds Corn Exchange in Leeds and take part in “21st Century Human – are you?” One of the organisers Zoe Parker, tells you about what’s going on this Saturday…

This is a gathering of people of all ages from across Leeds and beyond to meet, talk, play and test a newly created game/toolkit for conversation. This includes communities that we have been working with over the past 3 years and who have all helped shape the content so far.

We are designing a ‘prototype’ that creates opportunities for conversations through a ‘board-game’ structure. The aim is that this will be a catalyst for all sorts of conversations and a communication tool that is versatile and can be used for fun but also to support people to resolve deeper disagreements. How do we disagree agreeably being a fundamental question we want to ask. Here is where you can help. Come down on Saturday and test our game and share with us your ideas about how it could work best. There will be two test games running every hour and then at 4pm we will gather together to share thoughts. Don’t worry if you can’t stay you can email us your thoughts or write them on a postcard on the day.

There’s also many other things to tickle your taste buds, quench your thirst and soothe your soul: have a chat with Miss Fortune, have a massage, design your very own ‘21st Human’ badge, pin your hopes to the wishing line or have some actual tea and cake.

Drop in or stay all day, bring your friends or meet new ones here. All welcome.

We are Tea and Tolerance: Jason Hird, Lucy Meredith and Zoe Parker. We came together in response to the York mosque that invited the EDL (English Defence League) in for tea and to play football in 2013. We thought this kind of response to disagreement was brilliant and wanted to create an interactive structure that could bring people together ‘beyond’ tolerance. Tea and Tolerance has worked with over 50 organisations/ events to bring people together gently and have conversations that go beneath the surface. It offers refreshing questions that spark new thinking and connections between people.

Please feel free to tell your friends about this event, which is free and family-friendly and has a wide range of activities to take part in. You can pop in or stay the whole day. At the end of the day we will gather everyone together to see what we have discovered…

21st Century Human | Leeds Corn Exchange 12-5pm 21st October 2017 @teaandtolerance