BUFFET – Its a nice spread!

buffetBradford Playhouse  Studio (former Priestley Centre)
£5 on the door, half-price before 9pm.

Buffet is coming on Saturday 23 May and this time it is given over to the wonderful theme of ‘Miss World’…

There will be the usual nice disco spread of indie, rock, pop, riot, punk and kitsch, and – true to old-school Miss World – participants are invited to join in the ‘talent section’

Resident dance troupe, The Bet Lynch Mob, will be on hand to get you boogying to a musical oddity against your better judgement. And there will be cheese on sticks, sweets, crisps and so much more. If you ever wanted to go to a disco with all the glamour of Starsky and Hutch, all the friendliness of your grandma’s diamond wedding party whilst listening to all the tunes you love – then – BUFFET IS FOR YOU!

Check out the BUFFET myspace if you want to find out more about the nice spread they put on!