Are you arts? creative? digital?

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This is a cut and paste jobbie from the Leeds Initiative

How much do the arts matter to Leeds? Are the creative and digital Industries important to the Leeds economy? Is there good support for fledgling companies?

We all have opinions on these but what are the facts? The Big Survey 2011 is there to find out. It’s the first survey of the creative and digital Industries in Leeds for seven years and will provide hard facts and statistics that will inform strategic decisions for our sector for a good while to come.

The last survey in 2004 found that affordable, appropriate premises were a major issue, as was getting culture higher up in the city’s marketing message. What will be the main concerns this time? Is it retention of graduates… competition with Manchester … importance of micro businesses and solo players? What are the challenges facing our sector at a time of such major change and economic turmoil?

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The more people fill this survey out the more accurate and powerful the picture will be. The findings will be made public – anyone will be able to use them to support their cause and help influence policy. So we all need to do this survey to ensure it carries real weight and gives a true picture of life in Leeds for everyone in the creative and digital industries.

The survey ends on 13 April.

So have your say people!