July Cultural Conversations

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Ever fancied getting more out of blogging, twitter, and other social media stuff or sharing some of your success with those less clued up? At The Culture Vulture we are passionate about hearing about the stuff that delights people about the places they live in and the stuff they do, it’s what our readers enjoy too. We’ve noticed though that there aren’t scores of people currently at it, and it made us wonder why… We also recognise that for some this social stuff is as natural as breathing, for other’s it’s a leap into the unknown

Last month we hosted our first Cultural Conversation at the Round Foundry Media Centre, with the aim to encourage a culture of creative and cultural blogging in Yorkshire. The definition of was kept very loose as to what cultural and creative encompassed and as a result we had a very diverse group of people come along, share and learn.

So who is it for?

If you are already blogging, considering doing so, wanting to do it better, or want to learn about technologies that can help you tell stories, create interest, and get people excited. Whilst some of might be experts at one element of this mix, it’s quite clear there is loads to learn and share. Also if you came to the last one, you are more than likely to have more questions bubbling away, come back and soak it all up…

What will you get out of it?

There are folks who know their onions about Twitter, Facebook, Iphone Apps, Foursquare, Search Engine stuff, PR and Marketing, story telling, brand development, yet most would claim that they aren’t experts and are equally keen to come away with learning from their peers. So if you would like to learn, contribute and share, and have an interest in culture and creativity come join us 12pm -4pm at The Round Foundry Media Centre.

Please book as places are limited, expanded details can be found by clicking here

What’s this about a social afterwards?

Following on, you may wish to join us for a summer social…for those of you who have already attended a Culture Vulture event, you can rely on lashings of food and drink and a relaxed atmosphere to mingle with like minded individuals. We will be revealing a few more clues in time as to the nature of this event, but we ask you to trust us that we will mix the following ingredients into something fun; water, history, putty, music, & refreshments…

We would like to say thank you to Holbeck Urban Village and the Round Foundry Media Centre for their support

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