June Banner Designer: Matthew Suff

Matthew Suff

This month’s banner designer is Matthew Suff who specialises in print media design and works under the pseudonym Mr.Suff. He is a self proclaimed technology nerd who writes his ideas and podcasts on technologytheorist.com. Wendy Denman put on some trouser jazz and quizzed him like it mattered.

Who are you thinking about RIGHT NOW? And why?

As ego-centric as this will sound, especially for the first question, I’d have to say myself. I have a great deal of ideas, theories, and personal projects that rarely get past stage one so I think it’s time for me to see beneficial exploits through to the bitter end no-matter the current situation. It’s time to focus and plan the next stage of my existence.

If you had to put a soundtrack to your Culture Vulture banner, what would the song be? 

Is living in Rutland, the smallest county in England, like being a contortionist in the circus of life?

Rutland would a great place if I were 50 years further on with my life, definitely a spot one could retire to. Personally I prefer the hustle and bustle of a more densely populated area. People watching is a bit of a hobby of mine and I get more satisfaction from watching those more determined and on a mission with their current actions. I do however feel that country-side living can at times be considerably more farcical, almost Last of the Summer Wine, is that show still on? I don’t watch TV that way anymore.

What piece of new technology do you think has the most attractive design?

I could rattle off a whole list of devices that look amazing, some from an industrial point of view others based purely on my own personal aesthetic tastes.

I’m going to have to go with Google Glass, not only is it beautifully executed, but it poses some social questions that will need to be answered. Most of the confusion and fear arises from a mis-understanding as to what it is and also what is currently available in terms of spyware or discrete cameras. Ultimately though I don’t feel the lack of understanding is the problem, the lack of vision for the future is.

What does the future taste of?

Happiness, sunshine and bitter pills. Maybe dark chocolate too, that stuff is good for you. Eight out of ten General Practitioners agree with me on this. FACT!

Which nut does your head shape most resemble?

I immediately thought of an almond. This now makes me hungry for a Bakewell tart.

Tell us about something exciting you’re working on!

Currently planning a music gig in my garden. As far as graphic design goes, I’m currently working with a few brilliant people on a book of the life and works of Lal Waterson. It’ll be beautiful and you should all buy it, leave it on your coffee table and admire it.

Techno nerd, swear word, lemon curd or angry bird?

Sadly I gave up on Angry Birds, as with many mobile games, my attention has moved on to other things. Lemon curd has now moved me on to a lemon meringue. What is it with these questions and confectionery? Swearing is really bl**dy bad and I do it way too much, just don’t tell my mum. Techno nerd for sure, Daft Punk and Google Glass are my future.


Matthew tweets as @thesuff. You can find out more on his blog: thesuff.tumblr.com