Neon Workshop? See your ideas come to Light!

Shauna Peterson California

Every fancied getting creative with Neon? We hadn’t considered it ourselves until this special opportunity revealed itself in our inbox and now we can’t stop thinking about it!

So would you like to take part on an intensive one day workshop in at the Neon Workshop in Wakefield August 20th, and learn what to do with a 1.5m neon tube?

If so you could win a place on the course by sharing with us (in the comments box below) just what you would do with a 1.5m neon tube…simple!

The workshop normally costs over £200 so this is a really big opportunity! The workshops are run by acclaimed artist Richard Wheater, so he knows his artistic onions so to speak!

Image:  Shauna Peterson California


  1. Well I would probably spend the first 10 mins pretending I was a Jedi with a light sabre, and when that novelty wore off, I would make it into my name, so I can actually say I have my name up in lights, even if it is just hung on my bathroom wall!

  2. I had two goldfish – Bert and Earnie – and Bert died. But Earnie was getting lonely and so we got him 5 guppies to keep him company. They have since formed a band, inspired by the sounds of the Mersey Beat, and therefore I would like to make a neon sign introducing the world to Earnie and the Heartbreakers.

  3. I would make a big neon flower which would illuminate my room and unlike normal flowers wouldn’t fade or die….

  4. I would use it to light up my life and light up the life of others around me……………….

  5. As an Art project, l have always fancied creating the word ”SUCCESS” in neon with the last letter of the word unlit (not working)

  6. I would like to do some crazy fool squiggle that represents the love that exists in the world but can not be understood just like the neon squiggle 🙂

    I think it would be quite appropriate to have something like that on the wall of my room when I’m a student at drama school!

  7. I think of neon. I think of Tom Cruise and Cocktail.

    1.5m of tubing = tribute.

    Good times.


  8. I would make a moomin shaped neon for my son’s room….he loves lights!!

  9. Some blinding comments below, I’d just like to have the chance to make my own blinding sign to light up my kitchen (flashing or not).

  10. Too many ideas! A doodle I’ve been doing for 30 years as a ‘self-portrait, the ‘blue line’ for a bellringing method, a 3-D Mr Messy-type squiggle, the outline of a sitting female nude from the back, a Picasso-esque peace dove…

  11. I think I’d attempt to make the outline of a skull. I am obsessed with skulls – them and cherries so maybe they’d feature too. What an awesome opportunity, thanks!

  12. I’d want to make a neon mermaid whose glowing neon form would drag artistic seafarers to their doom!

    (yes, i’m currently obsessed by the sea..)

  13. i’m a huge fan of neon text art (tim etchells in particular), so like many here, i’d make a word, i think. i once saw a great neon sign saying ‘UNNATURAL’ hung amongst the trees at YSP. it was brilliant (literally!).

    words and light – surely two of the most powerful forces in existence.

    i’ve been thinking a lot about what word(s) i would choose. there are so many great and meaningful lines and lyrics about light. rage against the dying of the light, see the light, there is a light that never goes out, better to light a candle, let there be light etc etc.

    i could do with some light in my life at the moment. if i were to make a word (and i guess with 1.5m it’d only be one) i might make ‘shade’. to remind me that one doesn’t exist without the other, and it’s always darkest before dawn.

  14. Given how highly immature I still am, I would most likely make a giant neon penis for the luls

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