Who the nous vous are you/we?

nousvousWe weren’t the first to notice creative collective NousVous.  Jumping on the bandwagon we asked them to design this month’s banner, and they did, in record quick time. So these young men about town can be found heavily involved in the East Street Art Social Club project United, at PSL as part of Morphic Resonance. and at Harewood House as part of the Home Truths exhibiton. They also have an exhibition in that creative little town north of Carlisle, Edinburgh at Analogue Books.They designed the artwork for Leeds upcoming band Sky Larkin’s The Golden Spike and sold out of a limited edition set of prints. We couldn’t even get our claws on them, gutted! They refuse to be neatly pigeon holed, they are graphic designers, artists, illustrators, and very industrius. And they are really pretty darn cool.

Why not give them a brief?