Win a Leeds Inspired poster designed by Janis Goodman

Leeds Inspired  poster designed by Janis Goodman

Janis Goodman is a Leeds based printmaker, specialising in etchings, who was recently commissioned by Leeds Inspired to create the stunning poster you see here and all over the city. Wendy Denman quizzes printmaker Janis Goodman over birds, buildings and going wild in the city. There are also 10 lovely posters to be won. *Sings mash-up* “Luck be a Foxy Lady tonight”

Can you tell us about the process of etching? Is it as complicated and expensive as it appears?

Let me refer you to my website , then look under printmaking for a full explanation, but yes, complicated and involving a fair bit of kit; copper plates, wax ground, paper, ink, giant mangle-like press and a range of sharp instruments.

This fantastic poster you’ve created for Leeds Inspired is called Wild in the City – what is the wildest thing you’ve ever done, or would like to do in a city?

In order to be sufficiently wild on paper I spend most of my time rather tamely- sitting at home, crouched over a drawing board and wearing a hat as a way of delaying turning my central heating on.

Did you find Leeds an inspiring place to study, and how do you feel about it now as an artist?

Was not a student here, but did learn how to etch at Leeds College of Art and Design’s evening classes where we spent the first three weeks learning how to prepare an etching plate, and that still did not put me off!

Leeds is known for its owls but you’ve chosen to picture our beautiful red kites and a fox here. What made you want to place those particular creatures in the cityscape?

Living in Chapeltown I have seen foxes, red kites and swifts in, or flying over my garden but alas no sign of any owls, maybe they are just too posh to lurk round here.

As a trained architect, what’s your favourite or least favourite building in or around Leeds, and what shall we do with the now empty Yorkshire Post building?

As a trained architect I am confining myself to modern buildings rather than waffling on about the joys of Leeds Town Hall, Leeds Market or that great mill building with yellow panels at the beginning of Sheepscar Road. I loathe and detest the random assemblage which is Bridgewater Place, and really admire the “rusty tower’ of Broadcasting Place. In my fantasy world the Yorkshire Post building would be turned into a National Centre for Printmaking with loads of equipment and cheap well heated artist’s studios.

What (apart from money) should we print lots of, which would improve people’s lives greatly?

Think we need to save trees and print less….but am still rather attached to paper books.

Copper etching, cat stretching or a hairstyle that’s fetching?

Working backwards – seeing as I work from home, wearing a hat, my hairstyle is more likely to deter than fetch. When I see a cat stretching in my garden it is usually about to crap on my plants or try and catch my tenderly nurtured birds, and gets shouted at; so it has to be copper etching!

Janis has a Facebook page and you can see more of her work at


For your chance to win one of ten of these stunning A3 posters, please answer the question about the picture in the comments box below.

Q: Where do you think the fantastic fox in this picture is going?

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 12 December at midday. Winners will be announced later that day on the website. Good luck!


  1. I think the fox is being cunning and is off to the Hyde Park Picture House, where he can sit and have some popcorn, watch a good film, and not be in the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Plus, afterwards, there’s plenty of student bins to rummage in in peace, as they’ll all have headed home for Christmas.

  2. I think Mr Fox is going Christmas shopping in our wonderful city centre where the urban fox about town can purchase a special something for his vixen!

  3. Off to fetch his cubs and take them on a night-time tour of Leeds urban woodland and streams.

  4. Heading down to the Headingley butchers to steal a chicken, two ducks and a turkey, then on to the Taps for some cider.

  5. He’s going to a freegan convention to promote his particularly useful book ‘How To Identify British Wildlife’.

  6. For Mr. Fox it’s the journey that matters most not the destination. He is happy anywhere he goes. As long as it’s in Leeds.

  7. He’s popping down to spend ‘An afternoon with the Brontes’ at Leeds Central Library, where he hopes to find the inspiration to help name Janis’ new etching of the parsonage at Haworth.

  8. I think Mr Fox is re-writing any Fables that contain his name, to make him look more favourable. He’ll include many regions, but will include Leeds as the major place to be.

  9. He’s off to Tropical World to stare longingly at the warm meerkat enclosure. Then he’ll nip over the road for a pint at the Roundhay Fox and disappear back into the frosty night.

  10. I reckon if he’s anything like me, he’s back in town after staying away too long. Following that theme, he’d probably want to dash out of the train station and straight to The Hop. After a pie and a pint of Saltaire’s finest, he’d be heading over Granary Wharf for some canal photographs and memories to the Cross Keys in Holbeck Urban Village for a glass of Timmermans and a chat. Then he’d saunter over to Safran to beg some hummous and falafel scraps from the lovely people there, and would probably end up at The Angel for a swift half before catching the bus to visit the family at Roundhay Park, because who can say no to a backstreet pub in the heart of the best city in the world?

    I have made myself homesick now. Damn.

  11. To find the elusive Leeds owl, make friends and see if they can encourage the city to take on a new symbol for Leeds, that reflects its many faces, stories, histories and cultures – and which includes foxes, swifts and those ever present grey squirrels…..

  12. He’s off to Chapeltown to see if his favourite pub, the Hayfield, has risen from its ashes

  13. He is off to Brudenell Social Club to watch ‘The Old Fox Bandbarn dance & Ceilidh band’ after a cheeky glass of Horny Devil in Friends of Ham

  14. The Fantastic Mr Fox is released on bail and heading home to enjoy some apple cider and stolen chicken.

  15. Mr fantastic fox is going to walk on the wild side of Leeds-
    where else would he be going!

  16. Unfortunately this particular fox has been and gone. For the purpose of this etching he has been resurrected by a taxidermist and superglued to the wall (hence the awkward pose). Those cheeky red kites circle him, laughing and poking fun.

  17. Awoken from slumber by evening bird calls, a fox slinks towards the River Aire. Her five hungry kits wait in the den, and she’ll prowl for a frog or a mouse along the Leeds riverbanks.

  18. The fox is off to the pubs. The Fox Inn followed by the Fox and Grapes,the Fox and Newt, the Fox and Hounds and finishing off at the Roundhay Fox.

  19. Hes a tad late for his bi-monthly poker and pigeon pie night, he has grand plans to discuss tonight with his fellow urbanites.

  20. I think SHE is off to gather goodies to take home to her babies… Just like the rest of us at this time of year.

  21. Looks like he might be in the Bentleys, so I’m guessing he’s planning to mooch down the Meanwood trail, have a shufti at Sheepscar, pop into Potternewton Park, glide through Gledhow Valley Wood, ramble up To Roundhay, slip onto Seacroft Green, ease into East End Park, cross Cross Green, hunt through Hunslet, meander out to Middleton, be stealthy in Beeston, ramble up to Bramley Falls, be early in Burley, hide in Hyde Park, head up to Headingley, and hole up by dark in Holt Park.

  22. I think that Mr Fox is off to see his good friend Basil for a few pre-christmas drinks in whitelocks before heading home to his allotment in kirkstall

  23. He’s a friendly kind of fox so he’s off down to the riverside to meet his pals the kingfishers, the cormorants, the swans, the lone goose, the bunnies (yes, there are bunnies down there!) and (seen yesterday) the nightingale.

  24. He’ll find a juicy hen, consume it in his den! And then, guess what, he’ll be back again!

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