Win Tickets to see Peppa Pig Live


Monica’s got four free tickets to give away to Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt at the West Yorkshire Playhouse this half term.

If your family loves Peppa Pig as much as mine do you’ll be pleased to hear that that Peppa and friends are coming to Leeds as part of their live stage tour. Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt comes to Leeds at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on 7th June for four days.

And I’m really excited to have four tickets to Peppa Pig Live to give away – yes give away to one lucky winner. And as if that’s not enough you’ll also get the opportunity to meet Peppa and friends after the show.

The show is all about Peppa and her friends on Grandad Pig’s Boat, with clues to follow and treasure to find there promises to be lots of adventure.

“Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt features true-to-life puppets, perfect sing-along songs and a new story that will charm and delight all her fans.”

You can find out more about the show (and buy tickets online) at

What do you need to do to win?

  • Tell us your favourite episode or scene from Peppa Pig and why, in the comments below. Make sure you leave your name and a valid email address so we can contact you.
  • You must be able to go to the 4pm show on Thursday 7th June at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. You’ll get to meet Peppa after the show.
  • You’ve got until midnight on Thursday 31st May to pen your best response and we’ll pick a winner on Friday 1st June.


  1. General family consensus is the episode where Daddy Pig designs a house for Mr Wolf. The main reason we like this one is because Mr Wolf asks Daddy Pig what his house is made of and Daddy Pig says “Bricks, so don’t even think about it”

  2. Our firm family favourite scene is repeated in many Peppa Pig episodes- it’s the bit when something funny happens at the end of the episode, and Daddy Pig falls over laughing, followed by Mummy Pig and both Peppa and George. We love how they can roll around on their bellies (being a perfect shape for such activity) and it always inspires our 18month old to imitate by rolling round the living room floor…

  3. We loved them all but it have to be the one of mr skinny legs doing a spider web in daddy pig car so peppa send daddy pig to work on peppas bike

  4. My favourite episode of Peppa Pig is “George’s lost dinosaur”.

    I think there are parallels to all our lives in that one episode.

    Firstly George is seen happily tossing his dinosaur in to the air with gay abandon. He is oblivious to the harsh realities of what might happen if he throws his dinosaur too high; read: extend our abilities and ambitions beyond our comfort zone. If we do that, then as adults we often forget what it is that makes us laugh; gives us true pleasure. Just like George, we lose our own dinosaurs – hopes – in the trees.

    George is then confronted with a realisation that he has a life without his dinosaur. As in life, so to in art – George is then told by someone higher, that they know best. They know how to find where his dinosaur is – for George’s Peppa, read many bosses a number of us have had.

    So Peppa tells George that to find his dinosaur, you have to look somewhere obvious. She hasn’t taken the time to think through what he was doing with his dinosaur. She simply looks in the first place she believes it will be. For many of us, that is a staff evaluation form – or in that bleakest of questions – what do you think your weaknesses have been since our last meeting? George was outside, doing what he enjoys most. Yes he lost his dinosaur, in the same way some of us lose our way, but that doesn’t mean he or we were wrong. We just extended beyond what we could manage.

    Peppa looks first in his bedroom, and then somewhere else in the house. She thinks she knows George, but does she really? Does anyone really know “George” in such circumstances?

    Sometimes we are lucky. Sometimes we have a person in our organisation that can see something in us, that our immediate superiors can’t – our own Daddy Pig. They can see that we want to extend our reach, but something – in this case, the branches of trees – is stopping us. They can see that our own “Peppa” is too quick to judge us; too reliant on the easy, obvious approach – George’s dinosaur was not in his bed, in the same way that our next step is not always covered off by a box ticking, training exercise. Stop and think, Peppa! That’s what Daddy Pig is saying. Stop lecturing your staff, is what we can all read in to that section of the cartoon.

    So Daddy Pig guides. He doesn’t offer immediate answers. We don’t always want to be told what the answers are; we want to be given the tools to show we are capable of providing the answers ourselves. Don’t tell me what makes me happy; give me the opportunity to show you how I can be happy in differing situations.

    But what is brilliant, is that Daddy Pig lets Peppa find the solution. George knows deep down that it is Daddy Pig who has found his dinosaur, but he and Daddy let Peppa – or in our case, that tiresome level of Middle Management – feel they have found the solution. Daddy retrieves the dinosaur. He doesn’t admonish George for throwing that dinosaur, he simply advises that dinosaurs can be thrown higher – our ambitions can be achieved – if we simply avoid, low hanging branches.

    Peppa can feel as smug as she likes, but Daddy and Mummy Pig both know that one day, George will be bigger than Peppa, will be able to throw his dinosaur higher than Peppa; and will, without doubt, be able to remember this lesson – because he wasn’t given an easy way out. Both he and Peppa had to think. If you allow us to think for ourselves, we’ll never lose our dinosaurs again – but if we do, it will be in the highest branches of all.

    It is possible that George is a bit slow, that the dinosaur is not a metaphor, it is just a lost, stuffed toy – and Peppa, is just an annoying sister who thinks she knows best.

    But do you really believe that?

  5. Favourite Hiccups
    My daughter loves peppa pig she has been going on about going to see this peppa pig show ever since it has started to be advertised she loves peppa and I have not been able to get tickets yet and she would love it if she won

  6. Our favourite episode is the one where the family car breaks down an they have a rental in which all the buttons are different and do the wrong things. In the end they are very pleased to have their own car back fixed and where they know what all the buttons are lol

  7. Our favourite (consulting with my husband) is the episode where Dr Hamster the vet brings various small animals in to school to show to the, um, other small animals. Confusing stuff. Joe (our two and a half year old) also likes this episode as it has a tortoise in and he stroked a tortoise recently at Meanwood Farm and it made a surprisingly big impact, he talks about meeting the farm tortoise quite a lot!

  8. We absolutely love the new Queen episode. Firstly that Mrs Rabbit wins an award for being so hard working – we are always commenting on how many jobs she has. And secondly, our favourite line ever, when the Queen says “one does like jumping in muddy puddles” – love it! Oh and Mrs Rabbit fainting when she meets the queen. Such a funny episode. Fun for the WHOLE family!

  9. After much debate in the office this morning the winner is ….. Katherine Slater. We love the conflict presented in some of the Peppa Pig episodes and how kids aren’t at all bothered by some rather confusing ideas. We also liked how Joe identifies with the tortoise – very cute.

    Thank you to everyone who entered and we hope Katherine and family enjoy the show.

  10. When I asked my daughter which was her favourite episode she replied all of them. Typical answer for a little girl who adores peppa. As a parent my favourite episode, just because it has educated my daughter: has to be when peppa visits the dentist. The programme has encouraged my 2 year old daughter to brush her teeth just like peppa does and to also not be afraid of visiting the dentist. This has had a big impact as you will know most children avoid brushing their teeth and are petrified of seeing the dentist, so I would like to say a big thank you to peppa!

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