Life After The Tour of Infinite Possibility – A Poem

TIP Knares

The Tour of Infinite Possibility is over, and so the story ends? Well not quite. Rachel Auty has poem’d about Life After TIP…..


Life After TIP

12 gigs, 12 towns, 4 days

Impossible in so many ways

Who can make this idea come true?

Hope & Social, that’s bloody who!


So Yorkshire hosts the Grand Depart

And a cultural festival brings music and art

Hope & Social wanted to Be Part Of It

So a bonkers idea they had to submit

What would they do? What would it be?

The Tour of Infinite Possibility!

Around Yorkshire they’d go, touring the land

With a cycle powered stage and a people powered band

TIP Collage

No musical skill would be needed here

Just come, have fun, play/sing, drink beer!

A Band Anyone Can Join would be totally aces

Rolling into such beautiful places


Momentum built and sign-up got busy

The project logistics made us feel dizzy

And just when it all seemed a bit too much

It suddenly felt… close enough to touch



And so it began, 12 gigs in 4 days

Simply incredible in so many ways

Music and fun on 2 crazy weekends

So then it was done and the story ends?


Everyone touched will never forget

The warmth they felt, the people they met

Hope & Social made magic and so much more

And it ran through our hearts, right to the core


We built a mountain, and a big one at that

And right at the top, we stopped and we sat

Then we strapped in tight as we boarded the ride

And roller-coastered down the other side


So ‘Life After TIP’ feels, well, a bit strange

No quiche, no car parks. So much change

But I’m so proud to say ‘I was there’ all the way

And in my heart, some magic will stay


Amazing what a great bunch of people can do

And to all those who joined us, it’s a big thanks to YOU!

Magic happened in Yorkshire this fine June

And here we still stand with our hearts out in bloom



With huge thanks to: 

Event Equipment Hire, Isophase Sound, Firefly Solar, Shot By Sodium, Constant Security, Jack, Ros, Fletch, Tim, Lynn, Jules, all the amazing volunteers and Zoe, Harry, and Josh from Backstage Academy. Thanks also to the local Yorkshire councils, communities and businesses that assisted along the way, plus Yorkshire Festival and Grassington Festival. And of course ‘the team’ for whom the journey has been just that little bit longer, Helen, Kate, Ben, Rachel and the wonderful guys of Hope & Social plus their unofficial extra member Craig on sound.