Shooglenifty Play Techno Ceilidh, Saturday 22nd June, Grassington Town Hall

Copy of Shooglenifty on Dock

Famous the world over for inventing Techno Ceilidh, Acid Croft and Hypnofolkadelia, Shooglenifty’s original and exciting sound has launched the band on an international career. A wild up-tempo mix of trad talent and super funky phonics melding heritage and hedonism into one unbreakable whole.

Shooglenifty is one of Scotland’s most unique musical exports, their fiery instrumental lyricism, pulsating with infectious rhythm and drive, creates a sound that is at once epic and inclusive, soulful and stirring.

Their musical presence takes the crowd by the hands and dances them on an exhilarating romp through unchartered and fiercely exciting new territory.

With support from the rather excellent 8 piece Yorkshire band String Fellows, and their peculiar mix of full-on blokey harmonies combined with twisted acoustic music on banjo, ukulele, resonator, double bass, guitars, sticks and a suitcase full of percussion! Get down in your dancing shoes for a real festival phenomenon!

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This is tradition standing on its head… doing cart wheels and pole vaulting over every barrier in sight…” The Irish Times