FILM | Who Needs Leeds Animation Workshop? We Do!

This year’s Scalarama film festival closes with a set of special and unique events in Leeds to mark the 40th anniversary of the Leeds Animation Workshop. LAURA AGER reports.

The long-standing women’s collective Leeds Animation Workshop makes succinct films which combine humour with beautiful, hand drawn animation and address serious social issues, such as housing, fair pay, street harassment or childcare.

The films are entertaining and accessible, as in the Collective’s first production Who Needs Nurseries? We Do! an eight-minute film promoting day-care provision for the under-fives.

The group make films in an integrative way, members carrying out all of the tasks involved in producing the work and maintaining a commitment to feminist and collectivist principles.

The 40th anniversary celebration takes the form of an exhibition of selected artwork and materials, plus a DIY Videothèque where visitors can dial up on demand any one of the forty films from the Workshop’s catalogue to watch.

Leeds Animation Workshop members will be on hand during the day to answer any questions.

The residency and associated events below are simultaneously part of Scalarama Leeds and Anim18, a UK-wide celebration of British animation.

The residency takes place at 42 New Briggate, LS2 8JW (in association with Pavilion and Hyde Park Picture
House) daily from 27th -29th September, 12:30 until 6.30pm.


SCREENING at 42 New Briggate on Thursday 27 September at 6.30 pm.

“Women Animators on the Edge” – a programme of films you wouldn’t usually see in a cinema. They might be too new, too raw, too political, too poetic.

LUNCHTIME TALK at 42 New Briggate on Friday 28 September at 1.00 pm.

Laura Ager (Scalarama; Leeds Film Fringe) in conversation with Leeds Animation Workshop.

Spaces are limited for both events. To reserve your place, email

Events are free, but donations are welcome.