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Last Friday’s Tales of our Cities is fast becoming an  well documented event, get a cuppa and read the reports and analysis from John Baron at The Guardian Leeds ‘ A wind of change is blowing through Leeds’ Mike Chitty’s ‘A little less conversation…’ Chris Johnstons’s  CVSM and Great Expectations Martin Dean’s ‘Bureaucrats in a creative maelstrom‘ & Lee Hickin  from Hebe Media

Who knows how many more by the end of the day? Actually we have it on good authority that The Culture Vulture regular Phil Kirby will be reflecting on the nature of ‘conversation’

The very nature of 15 conversations in one venue (The Round Foundry) could mean that we were all experiencing very different cultural conversations, so it would be very interesting to hear back from you if you nominated  a talking point and what you felt the consensus was (if there was one). If you didn’t nominate but participated in one please also add your thoughts in the comments box below. It would be great for those who did not attend to have a sense of what this was all about, and not to be excluded from the conversations!

If nothing else transpires we are talking, shaping, and wondering what we want next…let’s hope the positive feelings that some of us experienced can be sustained, and our conversations do not fizzle out because we were hoping for a one night stand rather than long term relationships!

Over to you….(don’t go silent…be fearless please!)

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  1. I found the latest CVSM quite different, in a good way, from the previous gathering.I had no pre conceived ideas of what to expect, I wanted to go with the flow.

    It’s clear there are lots of passionate people around and that is evident when you see them chomping at the bit, eager to have their say. Whilst others simply listened and absorbed. You could almost see their minds ticking over with ideas and ways they could move forward with their own little project. Or take notes and report back at work.

    It was also very interesting to hear what the young have to say about the City of Leeds and how they think it should change and develop. My views on the ‘Arts’ were very different from some others.

    I wonder where CVSM goes from here. If it can be the seed, the catalyst,the elbow in your side that says ‘Keep going’that will keep me coming back and getting involved in anyway I can.

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