August Banner Designer – Lee Goater


Lee we feel really honoured you’ve got involved in the banner, what made you give up your precious time to do it?
Cake and the promise of love and adulation.

We’ve heard rumours that you like to skateboard naked is this true?
The YouTube and CCTV footage is inconclusive. Although I am certainly open to offers.

What have you been up to recently?

Personally – I am continually amazed by my two children (6 and 3 years). I’m in the process of demolishing my kitchen to make way for a very cool Welsh dresser and to accommodate a huge range cooker my gorgeous wife (aka ebay queen) managed to bag.

Professionally – After nearly 13 years working with design agencies in London, Amsterdam and Leeds I have made a very scary but exciting leap and become self employed. Check me out, I got a website and everything . Its very scary but very rewarding. I am extremely lucky to be working with some fantastic people, companies and brands.MM_NewsPaperCover

Just finished a fab project – ‘Mobile Museum‘ – with Lisa Roberts , Abby Dix-Mason and Kate Fellows for Leeds Galleries and Museums.

Also just finished a book for the lovely people at the Graeae Theatre Company in London. A truly inspirational and worthy organisation producing stunning work.

Continuing to work with the lovely people at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance is brilliant. The new prospectus and the 25th anniversary branding we are working on is looking great. Im really proud of the work I have done both privately and with L&K Brand Communications for the Northern.

NSCD_10_CoverIf you had to give up a body part what would you ditch and why?
Appendix – I heard you don’t really need it anyway.

What’s been getting your goater recently?
Price of vinyl records. I guess I need to stop being a luddite and embrace all the fancy pants new digital technology. All this arts funding cuts arnt great are they. Especially since I have just set up on my own and arts, education and culture are kinda my speciality. Doh.
Other than that Im a happy chap.

If you could travel back in time, where would you travel to and who would you like to have been?
Ancient Greece might of been kinda fun. Would need to be somebody rich though, I guess it was hard for the poorer folk.

Would quite like to have been Armin Hofman (Swiss Graphic Design Guru) in the 1950s and 60s. I am still inspired by the international style developed by him and his peers and think it must have been an exciting time filled with great ideals and exciting possibilities.

Anything we should know about you?
I am always naked underneath my clothes (but not in a pervvy way).
Oh and of course, I am very interested in speaking to people about creative projects.


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