Tales of our Cities

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What would it take for the city you live in to delight you (more?)
Do you feel you have a voice, a role, a passion for something you do and want to connect with other like minded people? Or do you want to do your thing, just do it better?

At the Culture Vulture we can’t help but notice that there are a lot of people doing interesting things across the North right right now . . . not waiting for permission or funding, but getting on with doing stuff.
There’s an increasing number of bloggers, tweeters and people using social media to get their message out there. Traditional media (such as the Yorkshire Post, YEP, and Leeds Guide) has been joined by online guides and news such as The Guardian Leeds, My Life in Leeds, Creative Boom Day Leeds (Twitter stream) not to mention the longstanding Leeds group on Facebook and of course ourselves. Yorkshire Telly and Indie Leeds are about to burst onto the scene. (Sure we’ve accidentally missed a few, let us know in the comments box)

Is it premature to suggest some sort of narrative about our city is developing? Take a look at these blog posts . . .

We have hosted two fantastic ‘cultural conversations,’ which have seen over 100 people join us to learn more about blogging, tweeting, content development, charm, innovation, mobile technology mixed with analogue, Facebook, video and more. Along the way we’ve heard of some great initiatives, networks, ideas and dreams . . . not to mention a few frustrations.

Are you interested in how we can develop a voice online that can help influence the shape and perceptions of our cities, with or without help from traditional sources of power and influence?
Would you be open to attending our next Cultural Conversation September 3rd 12pm -4pm to get involved in an ongoing conversation about how we collectively orchestrate our voices, and develop our stories to help support each other see our cities become they best they can be?

It’s not a total break from the norm. We’ll still be sharing our skills, knowledge, experience and whatever it is that helps us articulate what it is we feel passionate about and connecting with others who share our views.

So we ask:
● Are you open and curious and have intelligent questions about our city?
● Can you listen without prejudice to those who have a different view to yours?
● What would you like to see happen to help our cities become the best they can be?
● How can we and should we be considering achieving this together?

If you are curious ….

Register for Tales of our Cities (3rd September) in Leeds, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite