Free Money at TEDxLeedsWho isn’t interested in money?

Money is nearly always a problem—not enough of it, too much of it, where to put it, how to keep it… The banks get free money (yes, really) so why shouldn’t you. Come to TEDx on February 29th at the Corn Exchange, Leeds and get cashback. Your £15 ticket includes free money—the Ludos— to spend on the night with the food and drink vendors.

It seems we can do very little without the oil of money to ease our passage through life. But money is just an idea. Everyone has to agree to abide by the confidence trick that is money, otherwise it simply wouldn’t work. And there are different forms of money—LETS schemes, time banks, virtual currencies…

The forthcoming TEDx event at the Corn Exchange in Leeds on February 29th is going to explore the myths, the concepts and the alternatives to our current method of exchanging goods and services within a community. The intention behind the event is to stimulate debate and to challenge people to imagine better ways of doing business. This is not an idle, abstract endeavour. The current system is close to collapse; economists that can add up secretly admit that many government debts are unpayable and that a day of reckoning is inevitable; banks are too big to fail so the corollary must be that they’re also too big to save; social tensions will mount as they are currently doing in Greece as financial injustices (some would say crimes) become more evident.

The event promises to be a crucible of new ideas and discussion with some hard-hitting international speakers in attendance.

You can get tickets and view the full programme here.

The Bettakultcha team are also involved in this event so expect some fun and games during the proceedings.


    1. Shame you have to pay a tenner, especially when pay day is right around the corner!

      The BitCoin presentation looks very interesting, from what I’ve heard it’s a failing currency.

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