Million Dollar Mermaids by Yorkshire Life Aquatic

Image by Lizzie Coombes

Yorkshire Life Aquatic presentsMillion Dollar Mermaids“, writes Lucy Meredith

What does the term ‘Dry land synchronised swimming’ conjure up to you? It’s not a term that is commonly used and has elicited many a bemused look from those I have mentioned it to, but Yorkshire Life Aquatic have accepted, the admittedly self-imposed, challenge to make it happen. Yorkshire Life Aquatic is a creative collective who are setting out bring the beauty of Synchronised Swimming onto dry land. An homage to the days of Hollywood when Esther Williams graced the screens in films such as Million Dollar Mermaid. Yorkshire Life Aquatic already had a residency at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and we have just finished our CARP residency at Barnsley Civic which culminated in a Mermaid Gala which featured a performance of a site specific piece made during the week’s residency and went down well with adults and children alike.

Million Dollar Mermaids celebrate women with a vintage twist promoting positive body images, coining the term “merlesque” to describe our combination of synchronised swimming techniques and physical theatre. We are creating site specific performances, co-produced by Lucy Meredith and Zoe Parker. Our debut performance was well received at Beacons Festival last weekend. We have also been collaborating with photographer Lizzie Coombes and sound designer Jamie Fletcher to create the “Mermaid Gala” events.

We will also be performing at our very own <strong>Bramley Baths where we are currently running ‘How to be a mermaid’ workshops. If you are interested in what it’s all about then come down to the Mermaid Gala at Bramley Baths 29th Sept and see for yourself.

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@Zoe_Parker is a choreographer, trainer and teacher working in dance and wellbeing. She is currently co-producing and choreographing Million Dollar Mermaid for @yorkslifeaqua, being performed @BramleyBaths on 29th September