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rres Leeds Inspired Poster

Matt Ferres is a Leeds based creative designer and illustrator, working in digital and print. Leeds Inspired asked Matt to design a poster to promote their cultural events listings site, and here it is in full glory. Read on for the transcripted chinwag Matt was forced into by Wendy Denman, and enter a competition to win one of ten of Matt’s marvellous posters.

In the past you have drawn on all manner of objects including furniture, sports equipment and clothing, as well as a set of speakers and even an axe! Should we encourage young vandals in case they turn out like you?

I think we should encourage the youth to draw on anything they like – as long as then own it!

If you were to brighten up a bit of Leeds with your art, where would you most like to use as a canvas, and what would it look like when you’d finished?

Some of the old/empty shop fronts or walls near the Corn Exchange would make great canvases – i’d like to come up with something very surreal/graphic to brighten the place up.

I love the cardboard guitar you designed for the Love Unplugged auction last year. What song would it play if it had strings?

Have you ever painted a portrait so realistic you could barely look it in the eye?

No but i’ve painted one so badly I wouldn’t want to see it again.

What was your favourite cartoon as a child and how did it influence your creativity?

Most of the work in 2000Ad – fantastic amount of skill and effort needed to create such a high standard.

Tell us about something exciting you’re involved with!

Just exhibited some large work at Boxpark Shoreditch as part of a Testspace group show.

Street art, pie chart, jam tart or Tony Hart?

Tony Hart

Matt is on Twitter @saveferres and you can see more of his work at


For your chance to win one of ten of these inspiring A3 posters, please answer the question about the picture in the comments box below.

Q: Which is best? A hat? Or a hare? Tell us why.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 24 April at midday. Winners will be announced later that day on the website. Good luck!


  1. Well a hat can be worn by a Hare whereas a hat cannot wear a Hare. However if I had a Hare skinned hat I’d wear it to the pet shop, buy a Tortoise and name it Toronto. HAT.

  2. A hat because you can’t wear a hare. Plus a hat can keep your head warm, hair, not hare can keep you head warm too.

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