Win! One of ten books: How to be a Productivity Ninja

The Productivity Ninjas are in Leeds tomorrow with a free workshop at Leeds Dock (Dock 29) from 12.30 – 2pm. There are just a few places still available so get in quick if you’d like to hear about some great tips and hints in person, or see below to win one of ten ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ books, which is a previous Amazon bestseller.


But what is a Productivity Ninja you may well ask (we did)?

Well, according to their website:

“A Productivity Ninja™ is calm and prepared, but also skilled and ruthless in how they deal with the many enemies of productivity and wellbeing.”

And as part of this workshop you’ll learn about the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja, and how to identify specific ways you can implement them, which are:

Zen-like Calm: Why we feel overwhelmed, and what can be done about it.

Ruthlessness: Working out what matters – then staying focused, on task, and in the zone.

Weapon-Savvy: The best Ninja apps and tech, and how to stop email taking up your whole day!

Stealth and Camouflage: Creating the right work environment by fighting distraction and interruption.

Unorthodoxy: How the Productivity Ninja™ uses playfulness and gamification to challenge convention and ingrained bad habits.

Agility: Effectively responding to the unpredictable, and how to replace demoralizing and overwhelming lists with more productive personal workflow habits.

Mindfulness: The importance of reflecting on how we are working, as well as the work we have to do.

Preparedness: How to avoid constant firefighting, while making sure you can take on whatever comes your way, and are armed to do your best work.

Human not Superhero: Nobody‘s perfect. It’s OK to be Human. In fact we encourage it! We’ll look at how to manage your energy, concentration and motivation in a sustainable way.


After a busy start to the year on the work front this sounds like it’s going to be right up my street – bring on the ninja!


To win one of ten copies (which will need to be collected from Leeds Dock during office hours or Dock 29 outside of office hours by arrangement) of the How to Be a Productivity Ninja book simply comment below with”I’m in it to win it” and we’ll pop you in the draw (leaving your name and email address – which will be hidden) when you do! Winners will be notified by the Leeds Dock team 2pm this Friday (27th January).


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