Trinity Kitchen Sampling Evening

All Photos courtesy of Pete Cuffe – 3D Pete.













Dave Cartwright and Ben Joslin had a bit of everything at Trinity Kitchen’s Sampling evening and went back for more the day after, it was that good …

Dave: I’m so hungry I could eat a scabby horse.

Ben: I don’t think they have a pop up horse-meat stand anymore.

Dave: What do they have then?

Ben: Mmmmm

Dave: What you ‘mmm’ing at?

Ben: I just saw the giant neon ‘Trinity Kitchen’ sign and began to salivate with anticipation.

Dave: They’re round here. The new ones.

Ben: So am I right in thinking there are two newbies from the motherland (Yorkshire) and three from dannnnn sawffff.

Dave: Yep. We’ve got Crêpe Lucette and Fish& who’ve broken through here and Donostia Social Club, Dogtown Hot Dog Co. and Original Fry Up Material who are visiting from London.

Ben: I don’t know about you but I’m gunna park up at Bar 360 so I have a panoramic spectacle of foodiness surrounding me and start chomping my way through them all, Prosecco in hand. How does that sound?

Dave: Sounds smashing. Where’d do you want to start?

Ben swiftly charmed the friendly staff at Bar 360 and before the boys knew it the swivel stools weren’t the only things spinning. Stools were spun to decide which bistro was to be tasted first and Dogtown was the winner. Dave shimmied over and acquired a taster platter of Giant Bock and Beef Chicago hot dogs.

Ben: I feel like I am in the fancy streets of New York munching on mouthwatering hot dogs.

Dave: Apparently the relish is brought in specially by a company called Dalston Chillies. Ben your face is a bit red.

Ben: Dalston chillies…

Dave: I must say I prefer the Chicago Beef.

Ben: Yeah, the flavours are a lot more refined then the Bock. It says on the menu you can eat it with tomato, onion and relish or in the nude.

Dave: Don’t even think about it!

Dave restrained Ben from stripping.

Ben: Well, that went down like a ****** ******* [Consider yourselves censored! I shall be having words with you two later in my office., Ed.] What’s next?

Although slightly full, like martyrs to their cause the duo soldiered on. As many of you may know our twosome are big meat lovers (Hey! None of that!) so next on the agenda was a giant breakfast burger from the Original Fry Up Material.

Ben: I bring gifts of Gold, Frankincense and a whopping big brekky burger!

Dave: That looks insane!!!

Ben: I was just chatting to the owner (Jon) and they use a secret sauce!

Dave: Secret sauce? Ben we gotta get our hands on that recipe! This tastes like sex in a bun! [Crumbs! Ed.] I propose you distract them with a hula hula dance causing them to abandon their stand, I will then slink into their pimped up 1920’s ambulance and rummage for the recipe.

Ben: Dave…they told me it when I asked.

Dave: Oh. Well then what’s in it?

Ben: Lets just say tea in a burger…who knew?

Dave: Un-real!!! This is possibly the most succulent burger I have ever tried.

Ben: And they have adorable bow-ties!

Dave: BEN! The burger is incredible and all you can do is play Gok Wan! Try this.

Ben and Dave fought over the last scraps of the burger. Disappointed by its eventual end and fuelled by Bar 360’s delightfully festive cocktails, the boys eyed up their next course.

Dave: Look what I got.

Ben: What is that?

Dave: Seared scallops.

Ben: Ooo where did you get them?

Dave: Donostia Social Club. Looks pretty doesn’t it.

Ben: Is that a sherry?

Dave: Yeah. I thought I would mix it up a bit.

Ben: With a sherry? My grandma drinks sherry. Not my mates.

Dave: It will compliment the Spanish ratatouille apparently.

Ben: Your call gran. The scallops are seared to perfection but perhaps a little too much paprika.

Dave: Bet you wish you had a sherry! This is definitely the more up-market joint in town isn’t it.

Ben: The food and presentation are incredible and you weren’t away long.

Dave: Yeah they were super quick but price was a little bit out of my range.

Ben: That’s coz you had that bloody sherry.

Rosy cheeked, our garrulous gastrophiles set their sights on perhaps the fishiest joint on show. Providing a mackerel and beetroot burger and a butternut squash stew, Fish& made two chappies very happies.

Ben: Did you say this had beef in it?

Dave: No Ben! It’s a mackeral and beetroot burger.

Ben: Does that mean it’s healthier?

Dave: I assume so. It tastes healthier.

Ben: And juicer. The burger joints in this kitchen are making magic tonight.

Dave: And to think there are people down the road eating McDonald’s. Fish& are the guys who were in Belgrave Music Hall. They come recommended.

Ben: Did you say the guys name was Stu.

Dave: No you pillock. He’s bringing us a stew.

Ben: Is that it in the sour dough bowl.

Dave: Yeah. You can eat the bowl too. Saves them doing the washing up.

Ben: It has a nice kick to it. Good consistency too. Shame they were sold out of the rest of their other stock.

Dave: Proves it is good though.

Ben: True.

As the night drew to a close, the drinks continued to appear. Bar 360 gave the now swaying pair a drink for every degree, leaving both searching for that final cherry on top of their Christmas pudding bellies.

Dave: Oh crêpe

Ben: What’s wrong?

Dave: Nothing I just have to have a crêpe.

Ben: Is it coz you’ve eaten too much?

Dave: What?

Ben: Ohhhhhh….a crêpe.

Dave: Yeah. Banana and Nutella.

Dave gets a crêpe from Crêpe Lucette

Dave: Here we go!

Ben: There is far too much Nutella here.

Dave: Is that a bad thing?

Ben: No, it just takes away from the crêpe. To be fair they were closing when we ambushed them.

Dave: Again, I’ve heard such good things about these guys. They have that 50’s housewife feel to them with their polka dot uniforms. Home-cooked goodness.

Ben: I’d love to see what else they have to offer.

Dave: The new selection makes me want to try them all again.

Ben: I know. Bar 360 and a different stand every night. It’s Leeds dining at it’s best.

Dave: Or at least till the new lot come in.

Ben: I’m gonna campaign for that never to happen!

Bellies rotund and legs a little wobbly, Dave and Ben reluctantly bowed out of Trinity Kitchen with adamant intentions of returning…they did…the next day…testament to how impressed they were with the quality and value of the new street food residents.