PREVIEW | UOGB Comes to Leeds Town Hall

Jacqui Wicks gets to join the supergroup of her dreams.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is coming to Leeds!!!

At the age of 10, I broke my wrist. I fell off a small wall at South Parade Infants School, I’d been performing (showing off) to my friends, doing my impression of Jimmy Osmond singing Long Haired Lover From Liverpool.

At the age of 12, I sported a Tartan scarf and socks, wore half-mast trousers and sang Shang A Lang to anyone that might listen in my attempts to become the 6th Bay City Roller.

And so it continued for oooh, a little over 40 years …. and then came the call.

The Culture Vulture: Hey, Jacqui, you play ukulele don’t you? Fancy playing with ‘The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’

Jacqui: Whaaaaaaa?????

The Culture Vulture: YES, they’re in town next week, playing Leeds Town Hall, 22nd December and folks are invited to join them??

Jacqui: *faints*

The Culture Vulture: Jacqui, are you there … Jacqui????

Yes yes ok, I’ll be one of approximately 1000 other ukulele players who are all invited to take part in The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s Christmas Shindig ‘With Bells On’, but I finally get to perform with one of my all time favourite supergroups.

And the best bit about it is … YOU CAN TOO!!!

All you need to do is

1/  Buy a ticket

2/ Borrow, cadge, dust-off, or otherwise obtain a ukulele (tuning it not essential)

3/ Follow this super handy playalong guide provided by ‘The Ukes’.

4/ Turn up and enjoy the show, because YOU will be part of it.

I’ve convinced a pal to come along with me so we can fully enjoy the experience, and there will be witness to my superstardom. And George! I’ll be the one at the back singing my head off, wearing Tartan trousers.

See you there folks!!

Jacqui Wicks

Jacqui goes wherever her musical curiosity and her heart lead.  She is currently one half of Gudrun’s Sisters and one third of the Leeds based ensemble Schwa. She has sung with big bands, jazz ensembles, chamber choirs, and as a soloist in many different musical settings. Jacqui is interested in aleatory and improvisational singing and has most recently been working as an improvising vocalist for Yorkshire Silents and with composer Charlie Wells on her composition ‘Trench Symphony’.

Jacqui also teaches and plays ukulele.