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After a vintage Soviet-era New Year’s card…

We asked the CV’s writers to suggest their picks of this year, whether it was a book, a film, a trip to the theatre or something else. Why not send us your own suggestions via Comments or Twitter and we’ll add them to the bunch..?



Review by NM - The Litten Path





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  1. A Northern Soul

    Hailed by the critics as even more authentic than “I, Daniel Blake” as a representation of austerity Britain, in “A Northern Soul” working class director Sean McAllister returns to his home city of Hull backed by funds from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to make a film of a community based hip hop arts project run by distribution centre worker Steve Arnott during Hull City of Culture 2017. Readable at many levels the film shows that in the right hands culture can raise young people’s aspirations if not their material circumstances and that with miraculous good fortune a few can follow their dreams at least for a while.

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