EXHIBITION | Stories of the City: Susan Pitter on Eulogy

Susan Pitter in front of some of the family photographs and mementos in the Eulogy Project Exhibition

The Eulogy Project Exhibition at Leeds Central Library is an “uplifting” tribute to the many first-generation Jamaicans who travelled 5,000 miles to make a new life in the city of Leeds. Curator SUSAN PITTER talks to ZOE PARKER.

A few weeks ago Vanessa Mudd from the Culture Vulture and I visited Eulogy Exhibition a number of times and found it to be an inspiring tribute to the stories of Jamaicans no longer with us who settled in Leeds. I was interested to find out more about how the Eulogy Project began and also more about the resilience, faith and resistance Susan Pitter spoke of in her first interview with Vanessa Mudd for Culture Vulture (more here).

I was brought up to be proud in both my Jamaican Heritage and my Leeds Heritage. I am very much of Jamaican origin, very much British born and most importantly I am from Leeds as well. I was brought up to believe that the two could exist together. I could be all that. The pressure point comes when people thank that they can make you believe that you can’t do both. It has been hugely important to tell stories of ordinary people like my own parents, of trail blazers…. the in betweens… it’s really important to tell those stories because they are human stories that all humans can relate to. Whether its about: coming from one place to another; about bringing up children in a hard climate; whether its about creating new friendships; or wanting your children to succeed; or taking your rightful place in a space. I think everyone can relate to that.

The Eulogy Project Exhibition is at Leeds Central Library until September 22nd. Opening times vary. Details here.

The Eulogy Project was made possible by support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Leeds Inspired and Windrush 2019.

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