Live at Leeds 2013

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It’s about this time that the excitement really kicks in for Live at Leeds. Last minute preparations, the programmes have arrived, the schedule is up here and the newly launched (first time for Live at Leeds) app is flying off the digital shelf (Top work Enjoy Digital). The twitter is also hotting up day by day.

We (I Like Press) have a lot of conversations about who the must see bands are with journalists, tv and radio. It happens everyday. We thought it would be really nice to present what some of the people behind the festival, some of the bands and some happening places in Leeds thought about Live at Leeds and who the Top 5 bands they would like to see at the festival. Do some hovering or picture touching (depending on your platform) on the below.

We have added a rather nifty SoundCloud playlist at the bottom too.

Andy Live at LeedsAsh Live at LeedsBen Live at LeedsCafe 164 Live at LeedsColours May Vary Live at LeedsILT Live at LeedsDuke Live at LeedsEnjoy Digital Live at LeedsLaynes Live at LeedsLone Wolf Live at LeedsMarcus Clarke Live at Leedsxiii xiii Live at LeedsNick Live at LeedsNDance Music Manchester at LALPete Bott Live at LeedsPete Devine Live at LeedsPete Flinton Live at LeedsPWGG Live at LeedsSimon Palmer Live at Leeds Tom Stabler Live at Leeds  Whiskas Live at Leeds  Whiskas Live at Leeds

Live at Leeds returns on 3rd May till 6th. An impressive line-up for a low price of £22.50 (plus usual fees) lots of bands, at last count was One Hundred and Twenty Two. The bar has been set Leeds. Complete value for money.

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